As a producer, I’m involved in all aspects of the project.


My main objective is to assist you in creating a project that reflects your vision and to put together music and musicians that enhance your specific and unique voice.

At the start the project we will discuss options for musicians, studios and song choices. I want to hear what music you love, and I will suggest songs that I believe work well with your voice and suit who you are. It is of the utmost importance that this project reflects you and what it is you want to express in your CD. Perhaps there is a theme that is important to you, or a musician or an arranger you love. We discuss all of these things in depth which will become the soul of your project.

Once we know what we want to accomplish, we decide on musicians and arrangers. I have had the pleasure of working with many extraordinary musicians and can call on them to be part of your project.

In the Studio

Once we get into the studio, I work with the engineer to get the exact right sound for your project. I make sure that everyone’s performance is stellar and will be back in the studio with you to work on any vocal and instrumental fixes.

I work with the engineers on the mixes and the mastering to make sure that your finished product is everything you wished for!

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